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The Saint-Gilles prison staff set to return to work on Tuesday afternoon

Tuesday, 09 September 2014 17:20
“The Saint-Gilles prison staff did not return to work on Tuesday morning but will do so at 2 PM in the afternoon,” said Kurt Sissau from the ACOD socialist union.
The staff went on strike Monday afternoon after two prison officers were injured while trying to subdue two inmates. Initially,the staff had decided to stop working until Tuesday 6:00 PM. "However a staff meeting was held this morning at the gates of the prison and they decided to continue the strike," said Kurt Sissau. "The staff is set to return to work at 2PM but we will see if this actually takes place."

According to Sissau, the Christian union ACV decided not to support the continuation of the strike. "We will also decide whether or not we support the movement," stated the ACOD representative.

Jonathan Morrisson (Source: Belga)

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