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Four people injured during dolphin show at Boudewijnpark

Saturday, 06 September 2014 17:05

Four people, including three children, were injured Friday at noon during a dolphin show at Boudewijnpark in Bruges. One of  sea mammals (cetaceans) threw a ball which struck the ventilation system causing a  pipe to fall into the audience, confirmed the amusement park.

The show included a section with soccer balls during which the dolphins were to throw  these light into the audience. However, for a still undetermined reason, a basket ball, initially intended for the animal’s playtime, found its way into the water. One of the dolphins threw the heavier ball  which struck the ventilation system and  caused the pipe to fall directly into the audience. About 800 guests were present at the time of the incident. "Three children were slightly injured as well as a teacher who was slightly more affected. « We immediately stopped the show and  administered first aid. Victims were taken to Saint-Lucas Hospital in Bruges for evaluation but, according to the latest information, the injuries are not serious, «  stated the amusement park.


Lorraine Torry (Source: Belga)

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