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Unsupervised release for the man charged with murdering a judge and a clerk in 2010

Thursday, 11 September 2014 03:26
The man, who in June 2010, opened fire while court was in session in the Brussels courthouse, killing a judge and a clerk, is now allowed to leave the institution where he was committed in 2013, revealed the newspapers Sudpresse and Het  Nieuwsblad  on Wednesday.
The man was found incompetent to stand trial  and sentenced to an institution. According to the newspapers, 51 year old Abdollahzim F.V.  has already been discharged from the institution  where he had been committed more than twenty times before. In fact, the Social Protection Committee of Forest  began granting him his first supervised outings in 2013. The purposes of these outings were for him to find employment.  

Since last May, the Belgo-Iranian has been allowed to leave the premises without supervision for several days at a time. 

"Our client is not completely free", say his lawyers. "The decision to gradually grant him more freedom was taken based on the reports of the psychiatrists treating him.  He is still in medical therapy."

Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)

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